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This blog is dedicated to spreading the idea that investment success is based upon stubbornly following a few (very simple) principles:

  1. Diversifying your portfolio
  2. Minimizing costs (such as brokerage commissions, mutual fund expenses, and taxes), and Ignoring all the noise from the financial media about what the stock market does from day to day.

In other words, if your portfolio is properly set up, it’s OK to be “oblivious” to much of the financial media and most of the day-to-day happenings in the market.

Our Story

About What We Do & How We Got Here

Our experienced staff members has been providing beneficial personal finance resources since 2011, covering each and every topic imaginable such as investing, saving money, shopping, making extra money, blogging, traveling, parenting, and working online.

Essentially, the whole goal of our extensive content is to train others about intelligent money choices. Whether you are attempting to decide to go back to school or asking yourself if you can generate it on one income, we have the answers.

Alongside the journey, we take exciting forays into topics such as investing, travel, lifestyle style and design, financial freedom, and any other topic that jumps into this curiosity playground. We substitute studies and strategies about real estate, entrepreneurship, efficiency, personal development and the financial philosophy of money.

Still interested in checking out the blog but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry! Check our most popular posts for some of the best content that we’ve collected over the years.


Our Company Mission & Client Vision

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  • Providing you with quality, curated, lingo-free financial information and guidance.

  • Keeping you current about the goings-on in the world that affect your wallet.

  • Leveling the playing field for financial security, confidence and power.

  • Being inspiring, welcoming, stress-reducing, thought-provoking, bold (and more than occasionally sassy), cool, ahead of the trends and smart, smart, smart.

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